GCSE Revision

Don’t waste the NINE DAY gift of half term!

These could be the most important and valuable nine days of your GCSE course! During these days you can spend some focused, quality time reminding yourself of the subjects learnt over the past 2 years. Without sounding dramatic, these days could be the difference between passing and failing your GCSE’s. Do not get to the end of the holiday and regret wasting your time ‘enjoying the weather!’ Spend the days wisely, plan them and execute the plan!

“I am revising!”
When you are in the flow of something and get interrupted it is very hard to get back into it and ‘pick up from where you left off’. Try and stop any interruptions before you begin. Remove the knocks at the door, the notifications and the quick glances at your phone by letting family and friends know that you are revising. Turn off your social media and if all that fails put your devices into ‘flight mode’.

Have a plan!
Today during tuition lessons at Core Tutoring we spent some time with our GCSE students mapping out the next 9 days (8 and a half by the end of the lesson). We obtained a blank calendar, made a list of the topics that needed more focus and filled the calendar with them. We were very pleased with the result, students left with a focused plan of execution for their revision.

Some tips for you.

  1. Blank Calendar – Use an online (iCal, Outlook etc) diary to print a ‘week to view’ showing the times from approximately 8 am to 10 pm.
  2. Structure the day – Divide up the day into chunks. ‘Learning Time’ and ‘Break Time’. Don’t forget the breaks, these are just as important as the learning.
  3. Make a list of all the topics you need to learn. Break it down into subjects, modules then topics don’t pick all topics but those that you need more work on. If you classify each under a traffic light (Red, Amber, Green) you are looking to work on the Amber and Red topics.
  4. Add the topics to the calendar.
  5. Begin each day by spending 5 minutes looking over the day and preparing yourself.
  6. End each day by spending 5 minutes to review the day and make any amendments to the next day from that day’s learning.

Have a proper break.
When taking a break from your work, physically get up and move away from it. Go for a walk, get lunch in the kitchen, make someone a cup of tea… The change of environment will be a great help.

Eat Well, Sleep Well and Don’t Panic!
You need to be well nourished, well rested and fit physically. These three things will help you to focus on what is most important, revising! Ditch energy drinks, coffee and sugar for healthy ‘Brain Foods’ like nuts and fruit.

Get Help
Here at Core Tutoring, we are determined to help as many students as possible to achieve their true potential. We can provide study tips, help produce revision timetables, go through subject material, practice exam papers or just confirm that you are on the right track.

Contact us on tutor@coretutoring.co.uk to book a time to come and meet us.

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